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Equipment Officer 2000/2001

Richard always comes to the session with the wrong box, or brings both along only to moan at changes which mean a lot of unstrapping and re-strapping. Looks after the PA. Aim for the year - to be able to play 'Out on the Ocean' on every folk instrument. Apart from possibly the English pipes, which would be a bit unkind to everyone.


Equipment Officer 2001/2002

Simon let slip that he owned a car during the AGM, and shortly afterwards discovered he had volunteered to look after the Ceilidhsoc PA system. He even survived carrying it all back from the next ceilidh, which given the weight of all that kit was a good trick. He can be seen at sessions playing guitar.


Equipment Officer 2005/2006

We have an official Equipment Officer! Matt volunteered and everything! This amazing fellow is in charge of getting our PA from one place to another, which is no mean feat given how much there is and how much more we'd like to buy...


Equipment Officer 2006/2007

Pete is one of those rare mythical creatures called "Equipment Officers". He's in charge of organising getting equipment to and from ceilidhs, and of looking after it in between. He appears to be real, but we've had them before and they've vanished in a puff of exhaust smoke. Without him ceildhs become really stressful, so we're busy reading the "How To Care For Your Equipment Officer" manual now in the hope that we can work out how not to scare him off.



Equipment Officer 2007/2008

Pete let slip last year that he had access to a car, resulting in an instant press-ganging into the equipment officer post. He's staying on as well to keep our ceilidhs loud and clear.


Equipment Officer 2008/2009

Olly didn't run away when Bob volunteered him, so he'll be making sure our kit gets where it needs to be this year.


Equipment Officer 2008/2009

Pippa is also going to be making sure the kit gets where it needs to be and is in good order. She'd also love your help here


Equipment Officer 2010/2011

Ed has been on the committee for 3 years in different roles. He makes sure our cupboard is tidy and fits all our stuff into too little space (the result of too much tetris in his youth!). He can do anything if given a screwdriver and a powerpack.


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