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President 2000/2001

Jon frequently comments that he has a dossy job on committee and that Anne does all the work not sure where he gets that idea from! A fine example of where turning up to a Ceilidh Soc AGM unprepared can lead. He can be seen playing fiddle at sessions and in Ceilidh Soc bands. Aim for the year - to become Harry Potter.


President 2001/2002

Aukje is our Commander in Chief, in charge of ensuring everyone does what they should and coordinating everything. Her usual bubbling enthusiasm appears to have prevailed as the look of panic that she had when she got the job has almost totally worn off :-)


President 2002/2003

Aisling finally gets to fulfil her destiny as the Chosen One. Proposed as president last year she managed escape the job, only to be elected this year. Normally a maniac fiddler and occasional blower of bagpipes, she has now been corrupted into the way of Morris. Beware the white hanky – it is not a sign of peace!


President 2003/2004

Jemma has switched from Treasurer to president this year so look forward to a hard driving year with plenty of enthusiasm and excitement. The photo is a bit old but we had trouble finding one that wasn't blurred!


President 2004/2005

Ceri has taken on the role of Folky-in-Chief for this year and will using her powers of persuasion to master the art of delegating everything so that she can get on with playing and dancing.


President 2005/2006

Having taken over Ceilidhsoc and successfully executed an invasion of That Other University during the first half of this year, young Mr Ed has abdicated and escaped Down South to become a Dot Com Millionaire. In his place steps up the estimable Mr Gideon Thomas, who is actually studying folk music for a Masters and therefore counts as our most qualified President yet.




President 2006/2007

Gideon is going to champion Ceilidhsoc for another year, in between trying to take over the world of Sheffield folk by also running Sheffield Folk Festival. However, this year he has a full compliment of dedicated committee members to boss about, so hopefully he won't have to run the whole society single handedly.


President 2007/2008

Cait moves up (really?) to control of the entire society this year. She'll be steering the society as we move to our new venues.


President 2008/2009

Taking the reins firmily in hand this year Jen is stepping up to guide the society this year.


President 2008/2009

Liam somehow got himself elected to lead the merry band this year, he'll be in charge of making sure everything happens. Oh and making sure there's cider...


President 2010/2011

Rob is a physics post-graduate. Having been treasurer of ceilidhsoc a few years ago he's returned to the ranks to lead the society. He can usually be found negotiating with the union, being a professional tree hugging hippy or eating biscuits!


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