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Vice-President 2000/2001

Anne is easily spotted at Ceilidh Soc events 'cos she has bright red spiky hair (allegedly soon turning pink - watch this space!!) and carries around a large black case on her back, out of which occasionally emerges a 'cello. Aim for the year - to stop those fiddle players playing those silly squeaky high notes, and to play some decent low notes for a change.


Vice-President 2001/2002

John has the role of Vice-President, which officially makes him Aukje's slave assistant and general dogsbody useful person. He's also in charge of ferrying Sarah (Treasurer) around with her big bag of Ceilidhsoc "Official Stuff".


Vice-President 2002/2003

We had to have someone sensible on the committee. This year Charley picked that role of keeping an eye on people, making sure that everything that needed doing was done and picking up the slack when other members of the committee dropped by the wayside. After only a few months in the job though the façade is cracking. We wait to see what will emerge…


Vice-President 2003/2004

Isobel - currently winning the all time prize for avoiding both Ben's and my cameras. I've only a couple of quick conversation so this section is pending more information...


Vice-President 2004/2005

Ed will be taking on the role of Vice-President when he gets back from his year out being a Corporate Slave down south. He has a whole manifesto of new ideas to rattle the sleepy world of Ceilidhsoc (ahem) with, so we look forward to seeing what he'll get up to.


Vice-President 2005/2006

Liz looked suitably terrified at the idea that she's second in command, especially since Ed might be leaving later this year. She gets the jobs that nobody else does, so it's handy that she was publicity last year then. She's also in charge of getting us to IVFDF and ensuring that we don't forget to have a Christmas Meal this year.



Vice-President 2006/2007

James is in charge of "Special Projects", such as getting us all to IVFDF and making the Christmas Meal happen. He's also in charge of "Other Projects", being anything the rest of the committee don't want to do. It's possible we missed that off the job description when we showed it to him.


Vice-President 2007/2008

James has abdicated his throne, but you'll still be able to spot him around the ceilidhs.


Vice-President 2008/2009

Rich gets the special projects this year; transport to IVFDF, christmas meal and anything else we can think of.


Vice-President 2008/2009

Heather will be making sure we have a lovely christmas meal and all make it to IVFDF in Durham.


Vice-President 2010/2011

Steve went to his first ceilidh in 2006 during a social. He didn't have a clue what was going on for most of the night and he remembers being completely exhausted by the end of it but he fell in love and has been to almost every Ceilidh since. This is his 2nd year as Vice-President.


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