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House Manager 2000/2001

Sue is a bit of a star really - when you are staggering around at a Ceilidh, getting confused with both your left feet, Sue will be calmly running the whole thing like a true professional. That's the plan, anyway. May also occasionally be seen on stage blowing down something. Aim this year - to be incredibly nice to everyone so that they do a stint on the door.


House Manager 2001/2002

Emma is now in charge of ensuring that the ceilidh's run smoothly on the night. She will often be found asking if you will help out on the door in that terminally polite way of hers. The trick is to say yes, or the request will simply be terminal...


House Managers 2002/2003

Rosie and Ellie between them co-ordinate and run the actual ceilidhs with jobs ranging from organising who is on the door to ensuring that the band get their drinks. With that much responsibility you would have to be mad to take on the job - fortunately we had a bit of luck there…


House Managers 2003/2004

Annie is taking on this role for the year but Ellie will be helping out for the start of the year until she goes to Singapore.



House Manager 2004/2005

After vanishing for a while, Simon is back with avengence and has taken over the front of house role. He's in charge of organising someone to open and close up the ceilidhs, running the desk at the front, and feeding the band beer.


House Manager 2005/2006

Emily gets to run things on the actual night, in charge of opening and closing the venue and smiling nicely at people in the hope that they will take a spell on the desk.



House Manager 2006/2007

Alley is taking over the role of looking after the venues on the night. An increasingly challenging task, since we are having something of a venue crisis these days. Hopefully she'll remember to set up the desk in the right building each time. She'll be the one smiling nicely and saying "Would you like to take a spell on the desk?". The trick is to say yes, otherwise she stops smiling...


House Manager 2007/2008

Our house officer is the lovely Jen, whose job has just become much larger as we move to different venues continues for a second year. She'll be pouncing on people at our ceilidhs to sit on the desk and running to the nearest pub for drinks.


House Manager 2008/2009

Your face here! We need someone to join us to open the venues, get the beer and organise the front desk.


House Manager 2008/2009

Pippa will be running things on the night and making sure the bands remain well lubricated, if you don't mind a stint on the door she'd love to speak to you!


House Manager 2010/2011

Sonja is in charge of making sure we have somewhere to hold our ceilidhs! She books the rooms and makes sure we have security where we need it. She also makes sure we have a bar (the most important bit!).


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