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Gideon is going to champion Ceilidhsoc for another year, in between trying to take over the world of Sheffield folk by also running Sheffield Folk Festival. However, this year he has a full compliment of dedicated committee members to boss about, so hopefully he won't have to run the whole society single handedly.



Sarah is continuing as Holder of the Ceilidhsoc Purse, which she managed to do last year very adeptly. So well, in fact, that nobody noticed three new wardrobes of full of new clothes mysteriously appearing in her room despite her being on a student budget.


Music Officer

The combined being that is Cait and Lucy takes over the role of trying to organise musicians and persuading them to play in scratch bands. We're still waiting to find out which one is the good cop and which is the bad.



House Manager

Alley is taking over the role of looking after the venues on the night. An increasingly challenging task, since we are having something of a venue crisis these days. Hopefully she'll remember to set up the desk in the right building each time. She'll be the one smiling nicely and saying "Would you like to take a spell on the desk?". The trick is to say yes, otherwise she stops smiling...


Equipment Officer

Pete is one of those rare mythical creatures called "Equipment Officers". He's in charge of organising getting equipment to and from ceilidhs, and of looking after it in between. He appears to be real, but we've had them before and they've vanished in a puff of exhaust smoke. Without him ceildhs become really stressful, so we're busy reading the "How To Care For Your Equipment Officer" manual now in the hope that we can work out how not to scare him off.




James is in charge of "Special Projects", such as getting us all to IVFDF and making the Christmas Meal happen. He's also in charge of "Other Projects", being anything the rest of the committee don't want to do. It's possible we missed that off the job description when we showed it to him.



Bob is taking the role of being the organising power behind the throne of Ceilidhsoc. He's in charge of keeping track of members, and also of sending out chirpy emails to tell you when you should go to Ceilidhs and other events. He's also one of Ceilidhsoc's up-and-coming new callers, so he gets to tell you what to do when you get there too.



Penny has the task of producing Ceilidhsoc's publicity meterials, so she's the one busy littering the student world with flyers and posters. Given attendence at recent ceilidhs we think she may have been a bit too effective, so we're thinking of changing the role to Secrecy Officer, and making her responsible for ensuring nobody knows we exist.



Ben is still here, feeling increasingly like the Old One, and looking after Ceilidhsoc's computing resources. He can still be persuaded to update the website every so often, in between getting married and other things, and can be seen wandering through ceilidhs waving a camera about and muttering things like "We didn't have loud music like this when I was a lad...". Alternatively, he might be on the sound desk making the music louder.


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