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Secretary 2000/2001

Lynsey is a curly haired gal with a fine selection of funky dresses to ceilidh in so if you're in a panic on a Friday night, why not call round and raid her wardrobe!! Definitely mad about dancing, there are also rumours that she plays flute - can anyone substantiate this? Aim for the year - to keep Japanese and Russian words out of the Ceilidh Soc minutes.


Secretary 2001/2002

Ben is the one who gets to deal with our email and snail mail and ensure that everyone knows what was said at meetings. He's also intends to keep the text in the website up to date, though that would be breaking years of tradition for a society website. He may yet be a fountain of useful information - the trick is persuading him to speak loud enough for you to hear it...


Secretary 2002/2003

Ceri keeps the minutes, and lets everyone know what's going one in and around the folk scene. She is also a bit of a clubber which accounts for the odd non-folk related event going out on the mailing list. If your still raring to go at the end a ceilidh Ceri is the one to lookout for as she usually seems to be on her way off to Headcharge.


Secretary 2003/2004

Vicky, aka Cat Vicky (which can be really confusing 'cos there's also someone called Cat in Ceildihsoc). She seems to be doing some sort of PhD type thing.


Secretary 2004/2005

Owain is going to be this year's Secretary, in charge of communicating with the outside world by email and trying to keep the left hand of the committee up to date with what the right hand is doing. Good thing he plays accordian and is therefore practiced at such things then.


Secretary 2005/2006

Gideon started as our wonderful new secretary, and is thus the one you have been getting emails from for the last few months since you joined (you have joined haven't you?). He's in charge of communicating with the world by email, ensuring the left hand of the committee knows what the right hand is doing, and keeping track of the hundreds of members. That's in between being president now, of course. Welcome to Gidsoc.



Secretary 2006/2007

Bob is taking the role of being the organising power behind the throne of Ceilidhsoc. He's in charge of keeping track of members, and also of sending out chirpy emails to tell you when you should go to Ceilidhs and other events. He's also one of Ceilidhsoc's up-and-coming new callers, so he gets to tell you what to do when you get there too.


Secretary 2007/2008

Lucy is our secretary this year, sending out lovely e-mails and maintaining the mailing list.


Secretary 2008/2009

Kat gets to send out the enthusiastic e-mails so we know what's happening this year.


Secretary 2008/2009

Yep, she liked it so much she's back for another go! Kat will continue to send out cheery emails to make sure you know where the ceilidhs are.


Secretary 2010/2011

Kat is in charge of organising things and keeping track of all you members. She's the one who sends you all the cheery emails saying when the next ceilidh is!


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