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Jon frequently comments that he has a dossy job on committee and that Anne does all the work not sure where he gets that idea from! A fine example of where turning up to a Ceilidh Soc AGM unprepared can lead. He can be seen playing fiddle at sessions and in Ceilidh Soc bands. Aim for the year - to become Harry Potter.



Kate never suspected where bumping into Jo and Ruth at a Flook gig would lead now she's got her hands on Ceilidh Soc's vast funds and she's mysteriously disappeared off to South America for the summer allegedly on a charitable trip with hard earned funds, we have other suspicions!! Kate plays flutes.Aim for the year - to become a Flook band member, and to play 7/8 tunes until people like them.


Music Officer

Josie regularly fiddles in public, and is dead good. If you think you might want to have a go at playing on stage for a Ceilidh, then this is who to ask. Aim this year - to train everyone to polka/play/drink at double speed.


House Manager

Sue is a bit of a star really - when you are staggering around at a Ceilidh, getting confused with both your left feet, Sue will be calmly running the whole thing like a true professional. That's the plan, anyway. May also occasionally be seen on stage blowing down something. Aim this year - to be incredibly nice to everyone so that they do a stint on the door.


Equipment Officer

Richard always comes to the session with the wrong box, or brings both along only to moan at changes which mean a lot of unstrapping and re-strapping. Looks after the PA. Aim for the year - to be able to play 'Out on the Ocean' on every folk instrument. Apart from possibly the English pipes, which would be a bit unkind to everyone.




Anne is easily spotted at Ceilidh Soc events 'cos she has bright red spiky hair (allegedly soon turning pink - watch this space!!) and carries around a large black case on her back, out of which occasionally emerges a 'cello. Aim for the year - to stop those fiddle players playing those silly squeaky high notes, and to play some decent low notes for a change.



Lynsey is a curly haired gal with a fine selection of funky dresses to ceilidh in so if you're in a panic on a Friday night, why not call round and raid her wardrobe!! Definitely mad about dancing, there are also rumours that she plays flute - can anyone substantiate this? Aim for the year - to keep Japanese and Russian words out of the Ceilidh Soc minutes.



Ruth and Catrin are both part of a single amorphous blob which makes up the publicity machine. Recently the blob underwent drastic surgery with the removal of Jo, so if they seem a bit dazed, try and comfort them. Aim this year - to collect a record number of electrical appliances into the publicity office.




Brian took on the role part way through the year, we will wait and see what the end result of all the shouting is...


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