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Treasurer 2000/2001

Kate never suspected where bumping into Jo and Ruth at a Flook gig would lead now she's got her hands on Ceilidh Soc's vast funds and she's mysteriously disappeared off to South America for the summer allegedly on a charitable trip with hard earned funds, we have other suspicions!! Kate plays flutes.Aim for the year - to become a Flook band member, and to play 7/8 tunes until people like them.


Treasurer 2001/2002

Sarah is our new treasurer, in charge of Ceilidhsoc's fortune (ahem). This means that she must thwart Aukje's plans of World Domination in favour of the more budget friendly Small-Corner-of-Sheffield Domination. She suffers from mild multiple-musician disorder in that she can be seen playing a different instrument each week - the cello, the guitar, the recorder...


Treasurer 2002/2003

Jemma has taken on the goal of trying to keep ceilidhsoc afloat in these days of Union funding cutbacks; a tricky job that seems to get trickier every year. Another convert to the religion of purple so be careful not to confuse her with any of the other members of this cult.


Treasurer 2003/2004

Please don't be scared of the photo - Ian is lovely really - we just have a lot of trouble finding a photo that doesn't make him look like a serial killer. To our knowledge this is not true but maybe he can keep the image long enough to extract some more money out of the Union.


Treasurer 2004/2005

Ian is continuing temporarily as treasurer until we can find a replacement. Ceilidhsoc has been quite successful recently, so it shouldn't be too hard to find someone who would like to spend all the money.


Treasurer 2005/2006

Sarah is our new Chief Bean Counter, in charge of embezzling funds ensuring our books are balanced and all paperwork is completed. Good thing she's good at fiddling then.



Treasurer 2006/2007

Sarah is continuing as Holder of the Ceilidhsoc Purse, which she managed to do last year very adeptly. So well, in fact, that nobody noticed three new wardrobes of full of new clothes mysteriously appearing in her room despite her being on a student budget.


Treasurer 2007/2008

Stepping into the role of treasurer this year is Bob. He'll get to control our millions.


Treasurer 2008/2009

Bob has stepped into the role of treasurer, glutton for punishment that he is. He'll be trying to balance our books for the rest of the year.


Treasurer 2008/2009

It could be you!


Treasurer 2010/2011

Chris has gamely taken on the huge task of trying to make ends meet. He is in charge of trying to convince the Union that we need more money and then spending it when we get it. You'll often find him on the door at the start of a ceilidh.


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