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Website 2000/2001

Brian took on the role part way through the year, we will wait and see what the end result of all the shouting is...


Website 2001/2002

Brian is the brains behind our website - he's the one who developed most of the features that makes it all run, and the graphics that make it look good. Since he spends half the night coding and sleeps half the day, we're under the impression he works on New York time.


Website 2002/2003

Brian is a sucker for punishment as he continues for another year of being in charge of website design. This year he plans to just be webmaster and not to do many of the other jobs as well. Yeah, right.


Website 2003/2004

Me, sort of. I'm not officially on the committee this year but I'm still doing the web site.


Website 2004/2005

Ben is taking over being official website person from Brian, though no doubt Brian will still be doing bits of it (the tunes section is still fundamentally run by magic for a start). This means that Brian will have his revenge and gets to whinge when things are not updated this year.


Website 2005/2006

Ben will be doing another year of being webmaster and trying to keep the website up to date, or at least less than three months out of date. He apparently responds well to prodding and/or bribery when it needs changing.



Website 2006/2007

Ben is still here, feeling increasingly like the Old One, and looking after Ceilidhsoc's computing resources. He can still be persuaded to update the website every so often, in between getting married and other things, and can be seen wandering through ceilidhs waving a camera about and muttering things like "We didn't have loud music like this when I was a lad...". Alternatively, he might be on the sound desk making the music louder.


Website 2007/2008

New blood! In addition to Ben (as usual), Bob is the wizard's apprentice this year. He is going to be helping with website content (like this page...). Hopefully this will free up Ben to fix the bits of the website that haven't been changable for several years.



Website 2008/2009

Having persuaded the University to let him return from his placement Bob will be managing the website this year, keeping it updated in a timely fashion (promise!). Ben, being somewhat distracted by fatherhood, will be hanging around in the background making sure he doesn't break anything or blow the server up.



Website 2008/2009

Ed and Kat will be working the internet site and facebook with this year (and yes we've taught Ed about spell checkers!). Ben will still be hosting it all and fixing it when they break it(thanks Ben!)



Website 2010/2011

Sam turned up at the first ceilidh during freshers week last year and didn't manage to escape! She's now going into her second year doing journalism. You can normally find her battling with her computer (and probably losing).


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