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Publicity 2000/2001

Ruth and Catrin are both part of a single amorphous blob which makes up the publicity machine. Recently the blob underwent drastic surgery with the removal of Jo, so if they seem a bit dazed, try and comfort them. Aim this year - to collect a record number of electrical appliances into the publicity office.



Publicity 2001/2002

Sarah is in charge of ensuring the world knows about Ceilidhsoc. She creates the posters and flyers that tell everyone when our events are, and is in charge of the marauding teams of people who splatter them around studentville.


Publicity 2002/2003

This year we are bring out the big guns with a huge publicity drive in preparation for IVFDF so we have two publicity officers. Purple Jen provides the organisation and Vicky the enthusiasm.
They will be rushing round with posters in an effort to ensure that no students miss out on the opportunity to dance! If you find any bits of the university which are NOT covered in posters let them know so they can rectify the problem.



Publicity 2003/2004

'Purple' Jen is doing another year of this hard and difficult post. It takes lots of work, dedication and inspiration combined with being sort of hard to gauge how effective it has been. Fortunately after the last year we can have a good guess - over 300 members signed up - so the hope is she can do as well this year.


Publicity 2004/2005

Liz will be head of publicity this year, in charge of making pretty flyers and posters and of persuading hordes of folkies to stick them everywhere. Despite the reduced ranks of publicity people recently we appear to be doing well at getting people to turn up to over-fill the ceilidhs. The number of members we have suggest that we have been using cult brainwashing tactics. Us? Never...



Publicity 2006/2007

Penny has the task of producing Ceilidhsoc's publicity meterials, so she's the one busy littering the student world with flyers and posters. Given attendence at recent ceilidhs we think she may have been a bit too effective, so we're thinking of changing the role to Secrecy Officer, and making her responsible for ensuring nobody knows we exist.


Publicity 2007/2008

Nick will be sending out word of our ceilidhs and socials far and wide, ensuring all those who don't know about ceilidhs do!


Publicity 2008/2009

Ed is on publicity this year, so watch out for him running around with his camera. He'll be looking for people to run around putting up posters.


Publicity 2008/2009

Kim will be putting up posters, flyers, making sure we're in what's on and anything else she can think of the get the word out this year, if you want posters for your department speak to her!


Publicity 2010/2011

Kim's in charge of all non-mailing list advertisement of the society and its events. She designs and distributes flyers and posters, designs the society t-shirts and generally bombards the citizens of Sheffield with everything CeilidhSoc! You can normally find her at the door shoving flyers at you!


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