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Music Officer 2000/2001

Josie regularly fiddles in public, and is dead good. If you think you might want to have a go at playing on stage for a Ceilidh, then this is who to ask. Aim this year - to train everyone to polka/play/drink at double speed.


Music Officer 2001/2002

Aisling's encyclopedic knowledge of tunes ensured she got the position of music officer. She is in charge of orgnising the scratch bands for ceilidhs. She can be seen at sessions playing either a fiddle or the pipes - she'll be the one with the random items in her hair. Currently under scientific investigation on suspicion of being atomically powered.


Music Officer 2002/2003

Ian is another one of those people who turned up to ceilidhsoc seemingly destined to fit the role of music officer and admitting to an encyclopaedic knowledge of folk tunes only sealed his fate. Ian plays the box, or just about anything else you hand him as well as dancing Appalachian with Feet First. Ian’s the man to talk to if you want to get up on stage at any of the ceilidhs, or if you want to know what the tune they just played was called.


Music Officer 2003/2004

Ceri is running bands and doing all things musical. Talk to her about tune books, session, beginners music or anything else that comes into your mind.


Music Officer 2004/2005

Charley is responsible for making sure that the music side of things runs smoothly. She is the person to talk to if you want to play in a scratch band, get a tune book, find out about sessions or "name that diddle".


Music Officer 2005/2006

Alley is our enthusiastic new music officer, in charge of the political quagmire of deciding who gets the honour of being in the scratch bands. Or persuading and cajoling people to be in scratch bands, depending how enthusiastic the musicians are that week.



Music Officer 2006/2007

The combined being that is Cait and Lucy takes over the role of trying to organise musicians and persuading them to play in scratch bands. We're still waiting to find out which one is the good cop and which is the bad.



Music Officer 2007/2008

Jez and Tom, a box player and a guitar/mandolin player. Perfect, almost a scratchband on their own. They'll be begging, cajoling and pleading musicians to make beautiful music in our bands.



Music Officer 2008/2009

After a year in exile Sarah returns to the committee this year to take on the sessions and scratch bands.


Music Officer 2008/2009

Conrad steps up this year to run the workshops and pester the scratch bands.


Music Officer 2010/2011

This is Conrad's third year as music officer. He's in charge of organising the bands we love so much, and he runs the music workshops each week. You can often find him playing in the band.


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